Responsible Water Alternatives

As Capetown faces Day Zero when water will no longer flow to the residents, we are seeing activity around water conservation on Vancouver Island and Vancouver.  Within a matter of weeks we have presented our most popular presentation, our 1.5 hour Responsible Water Alternatives to various water boards, community groups, and for regional governments to the public.  We have been asked to design potable water systems within the City of Vancouver, and are working on a nine home residential community water system in Shawnigan Lake.

What this demonstrates is a flurry of interest in water management.

Our works are expanding into managing soil moisture using (and teaching) about crop choices, farm design, pond installations, mulches, soil health, and irrigation systems.  Drawing from our own farm where we grow perennial food crops, and have been experimenting with tree food crops for a changing climate, we are able to share our successes with industry, public and government.  It is all rather satisfying.


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