Compost Toilet Systems

What do compost toilets have to do with rainwater harvesting?

Good question.   When we design potable water systems, we usually are also helping a client decide on water conservation technologies.  Flushing toilets use between 25% Р35% of the water used in a household.

We have written the Essential Composting Toilets book available late Oct, 2018.

HOW to Purchase our book:

  1. Buy this book dirrectly from the publisher using this link, and we will get a small commission.
  2. Buy from us at our workshops or speaking engagements (note that we do not ship our books)
  3. Buy from your local bookstore
  4. Buy online from Amazon

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We are able to consult and determine what compost toilet system works best for you, your guests, your park facility or your business.

We also are very happy to prepare a presentation for your group on the rules and regulations in the Province of BC on how the 2016 regulations influence your needs.