Conveyance & Pre-filtration

Conveyance is the stage that links the water from the collection surface to the storage system. On this journey from collection to storage the water needs simple pre-filtration to remove coarse debris and fine contaminants.

Conveyance piping size – (size of gutters, downspouts and piping)
The size is determined by the rainfall intensity charts in the building code, and the size of the collection surface. We calculate this.
Coarse Debris Filtration
Simple methods are used to prefilter out pine needles, leaf litter and other odd items that just don’t belong.  A common approach is to have a debris filter at each downspout as seen in the featured photo.
First Flush Filtration
This is the process of capturing the first waters that come from the surface when a rain event happens. Surfaces naturally collect pollen and other airborn items the we want to divert from the storage tank, and these items are the first to get rinsed off when the rains start, so the goal is to collect that first bit of water and divert it away… leaving the water that comes behind it destined for the storage system.