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Gord Baird
gord@rainwaterBC.com  or  rain@eco-sense.ca

At Eco-Sense we go further than connecting the dots… we connect the drops.  Rainwater BC (by Eco-Sense) – is the rainwater harvesting  design and install section of our multifaceted business.  We design and install harvesting systems, filtration,  living roofs, swales, raingardens and well-water storage cisterns and compost toilets on Southern Vancouver Island.

Integrated regenerative design: Rainwater, greywater, groundwater, living roofs, gardens, solar PV, solar thermal, composting toilets...
Integrated regenerative design: Rainwater, greywater, groundwater, living roofs, gardens, solar PV, solar thermal, composting toilets…

In simple terms our goals are to help you harvest rain water in one form or another, to either collect it, or to “slow it down, spread it out and sink it in” to the landscape, or conserve water usage in general.  Every project is unique.

Gord and Ann Baird are the co-creators of the award winning Eco-Sense home, a Living Building Challenge petal recognized project.  A quick internet search and you’ll quickly learn we are highly recognized for successes in “all things sustainable” involving water, energy systems and food systems – we specialize in integrating regenerative systems.

Rainwater is integral to all regenerative systems –  whether it is tied to food, fire security, storm water control, micro-climate creation, or emergency water source.  Designs and installs can be as simple as collection and storage for irrigation or potable usage,  or more complexly integrated with raingardens, living roofs, swales, and fruit & nut orchards.

ARCSA_Accredited-_ProfessionalBio – Experience

Gord Baird is the co-creator of Eco-Sense, located in Victoria, BC.  Over 13 years ago he left the business world and set out to build a sustainable home and lifestyle with his new wife Ann, and over that time has become a well versed generalist in regenerative systems integrating Solar PV, solar thermal, mechanical, rain water, grey water, living roofs, food forest nursery and green building through hands on experience, scientific research, and policy work. Gord and Ann walk the talk of a regenerative life style, and work to use their success and failures to inspire others. Recent works, other than becoming an elected municipal councillor for the District of Highlands this year, are the recent works to write the new regulations and guidelines for the BC Ministry of Health for Greywater and Composting toilets.  Gord has is ASSE Rainwater Designer & Installer Certification, is an ARCSA Accredited Proffessional, and sits as a Water Commissioner on both the CRD Regional Water Supply, and Juan de Fuca (JDF) Water Supply.

Connecting the drops... and the ducks
Connecting the drops… and the ducks
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Water Budget analysis
  • Pumps (AC and DC)
  • Filtration systems (Ceramic, UV)
  • Living roofs
  • Landscape systems
  • Composting toilets design and installs



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Daphne Randall says:

    Awesome work–interested in so many of your projects, especially the grey water regulations, well water cisterns, and the landscape systems. I’m a good friend of Joy Thoreson and I’m hoping to meet you one of these days. Congratulations on your fascinating work! Warmest regards, Daphne Randall

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  2. Sabine Tamm says:

    Thank you for your website and information – very well done, and you come across as good people doing great work. I am on the Sunshine Coast and have plans underway to create a travellers’ hostel that showcases green technologies, old and new. I would like to connect with other green-minded people who are on the SW coast that are sharing their knowledge. Is Facebook a better forum to connect, or is this the place. Thank you, Sabine Tamm

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    1. Eco-Sense says:

      Hi Sabine, We connect here or more commonly on facebook…our name there is Eco-Sense Living.



    2. Eco-Sense says:

      Facebook is great Gord Baird or Ann Baird or you can email us. The west coast is such a great place, full of like minded folks. Cheers, Gord


  3. Gilles Grenier says:

    Hello Gord and Ann, hope you are both well. I’m a social worker in Victoria trying to build a retirement home on Gabriola island.
    My goals are to build green and develop a water management program, before I finalize my home design.
    I’m wondering if you might have time to talk.


    1. Eco-Sense says:

      Hi Gilles – apologies – my phone was crushed on a job site just after I received your message, and I had not checked the comments section of the website. If you still wish to chat please call or email gord@eco-sense.ca.


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