Water Balance Analysis

One of the most complicated aspects in the design process is knowing if there is enough water to meet your needs, and how much storage is required. There are many variables in this equation:

Water Use:

How much water do you need to meet your needs or wants. This is simple, and we can look at indoor and outdoor water use.

How much is able to be collected:

This is directly tied the the precipitation in your location and the collection surface area. The larger the surface area, the more potential water that can be collected.

Storage Size:

Storage size becomes complicated but that is our job to figure out the best size. We take into account the ideal size needed, the space for place water storage, and your financial budget. But it does not stop there.


Our analysis also looks at the overflows expected with different iterations of design, which provides useful information if you are having to design a stormwater infiltration area for the overflow, or if you want to know the potential lost opportunity for water. And then…

Bulk Water Top Up and Shortages:

All designs under the CSA B805-18 standard have to address top-up water. Will you need it? When will you need it? How much will you need? We got that covered! We can chart if there will be a shortage of water to meet your needs, and when and how much water you would need.

All this is graphed out so that the complexity of the design and your water balance is easy to understand.

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