Pumping & Pressurization

Depending on the end use, and where your storage system is located gravity may be sufficient, or pumping to create higher pressure and flow rates may be in order.


Most irrigation and household supply requires a minimum of 25 PSI pressure. That said some of the drip and micro-irrigation systems can work on as little as 8 PSI. When considering if gravity will meet your needs consider that every 10 ft of head (vertical distance from stored water to its exit) provides 4.31 PSI. If you wanted 43PSI pressure, the storage system would need to be 100 feet higher than where it is being used.


Considerations we work through include:

  • the usage
  • what pressure you need,
  • what volume of flow is required (low flow for home, High for irrigation)
  • What distance do we need to move the water
  • What power source – solar PV? Grid? Generator?
  • On-demand style? Pressure switch? Submersible? Above ground?
  • Price

Roughly pumping options are about $1200 – $1500