Composting Toilet & Greywater Regulations

The Province of BC now has regulations governing grey water and composting toilets.

BC Sewerage System Regulations page (scroll to the bottom)

The Manual of Composting Toilets & Grey Water Practice document.

This manual is detailed, it is technical, and designed mostly for those folks doing design and install and the other regulatory professionals that oversee public health.  The regulations apply to the whole of BC, a tough task when addressing such drastically varying climates especially winterized systems.  As time progresses we are likely to see modifications.  Thanks to all those that provided input during public review.


From the BC Ministry of Health Website
From the BC Ministry of Health Website

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  1. fred bomford says:

    Does this mean that if you get a piece of paper regulating the installation and use of composting toilet then anyone that has a system will need a licenced professional to use it so I am going to have to pay a fee to take a crap on my own?


    1. Eco-Sense says:

      Good question Fred. The initial regulation was more reasonable, and the Ministry of Health wanted it simple. Then it went for review to the various health authorities and they wanted to pull composting toilets out all together. My feeling is this is the first incarnation, as as the next one comes out it will be less prescriptive. Can’t say the Island Health makes me all that happy, they seem to miss some of the science and focus on judgement. No body will charge you to take a crap… but thanks for giving a shit.


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